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Strong Nonprofits for Healthy Communities

At Community Health Solutions (CHS) we believe strong nonprofits are essential for creating healthy communities.  We offer 20 years of experience in helping nonprofits optimize community strategy, organizational strategy, and strategic learning. We would love the opportunity to help you accomplish your goals.

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At Community Health Solutions it is our mission to help people create positive community impact. We are committed to working individually and with others to honor the memory of Mr. George Floyd by creating a more loving and just society where this type of tragedy can never happen again.  We also stand in solidarity with all who are suffering, and all who are working for positive change.  We wish you peace and healing as we walk together through this difficult time.

The CHS Team

Strengthening the Safety Net

Since our founding 20 years ago our Community Health Solutions team has devoted special attention to supporting community safety net organizations.  Today more than ever, it is imperative to save and strengthen the safety net in our struggling communities. CHS is poised to support this vital work with research, data, tools, and collaborative strategy. Let’s talk about how we can help you strengthen the safety net in your community. 

Stephen Horan, PhD,  Founder and CEO 

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Why CHS?

A community mission, a collaborative approach, deep experience, and more.

Community Strategy

Demonstrate value by creating community impact.  

Organizational Strategy

Build capacity for nonprofit excellence. 

Strategic Learning

Bring people together for learning and action.

Design Thinking

Use creative design to innovate and solve challenges.


Be great at getting better!

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