At CHS we support community innovation for health improvement.   We are distinctive for our focus on communities, our emphasis on innovation, our proven support model, and our deep experience in helping people collaborate for positive community impact.

  • Communities are where health happens.  We’ve learned from decades of research and experience that the communities where we live, work, learn, and socialize have a profound impact on individual and population health.
  • The reason is that health opportunities and supports vary remarkably at the community level. Such variations are apparent in food systems, housing, air quality, water quality, education, public safety, and economic opportunity in addition to access to health care.
  • All of these factors influence the potential of community members to attain their best possible health and quality of life.  This is why we focus our work on helping people innovate to create communities that support health and well-being for all.

If communities are where health happens, then the work of health improvement has to be focused on local needs and interests.  Health improvement requires community innovation to assure that every community member has an opportunity to pursue their best health.

At CHS we define community innovation as any focused improvement to support better health and quality of life for community members.  The focus can be defined in terms of the people, the purpose, the supports, and the improvements.

  • The people may include the community at large or particular community segments such as children, older adults, or people with particular health risks.
  • The purpose can be defined in terms of positive impacts on health supports and health outcomes.
  • The supports may include any mix of health promotion, injury and disease prevention, clinical care, education, housing, human services, parks and recreation, public safety, community development, and other factors affecting health and quality of life. .
  • The improvements created through community innovation may include policy change, program change, practice change, system change, or culture change.

We use a proven support model to support community innovation. Over the past 23 years we’ve applied this model to help our client partners:

  • Focus innovation on community needs.
  • Create innovation for community impact.
  • Collaborate to scale and spread innovation.
  • Advocate for system change to support innovation.
  • Demonstrate value to communities, partners, funders, and public officials.

The results can be seen in creative innovations, stronger organizations, more effective collaborations, more responsive systems, and better health and quality of life for community members.

CHS brings insight and lessons learned from 23 years of experience serving organizations that care about community. Much of this work has been accomplished through collaborative projects sponsored by associations, foundations, or public agencies. Our client base includes:

  • Associations
  • Foundations
  • Community Health Centers
  • Community Behavioral Health Agencies
  • Free and Charitable Clinics
  • Foundations
  • Health Strategy Organizations
  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Human Service Agencies
  • Mission-Driven Business Organizations
  • Public Health Agencies
  • Public Policy Commissions
  • Public School Systems
  • Senior Service Agencies
  • United Way Agencies

This experience has given us countless opportunities to learn from people in a wide range of organizational settings. We leverage this experiential knowledge into creative solutions for our clients.

Our leadership has extensive experience and a total commitment to client success.  We also partner with an extended network of subject matter experts to create the right team for each engagement.

Stephen Horan, PhD is the founding CEO of Community Health Solutions, bringing more than 30 years of professional experience to each client and project. Under Steve’s leadership Community Health Solutions has helped hundreds of organizations achieve better results through effective strategy and practice. Individually, Steve has been an advisor to consumer groups, nonprofit organizations, corporations, foundations, and public sector leaders. This broad perspective informs Steve’s ability to connect policy to strategy and practice.

Terry Laine, MS, PCMH CCE is the Operations Manager and a Senior Consultant at Community Health Solutions.  Terry brings more than 25 years of professional experience to CHS projects, with distinctive expertise in the areas of quality improvement, integrated care; patient centered medical home; knowledge management, innovation support, collaboration support, team development; and leadership development.  Terry completed IHI’s Breakthrough Series College, and is a NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert (PCMH CCE). She holds a Master of Science Degree from James Madison University.

Leah Horan, B.B.A.  Leah Horan is our Learning Solutions Manager with diverse responsibilities for supporting our in-person and virtual learning programs.  Leah coordinates and supports action learning programs for a wide range of clients in multiple states.  Leah also supports our qualitative research projects with particular expertise in managing and analyzing qualitative data from surveys and interviews. She is skilled in applying a wide range of software packages including Zoom, Poll Everywhere, Camtasia, Qualtrics, hubspot, and Brightspace. Leah holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Roanoke College.

Our Network. Through our various projects we engage a wide network of subject matter experts in fields like strategy, quality, leadership, teamwork, design thinking, and more.  We engage these experts on an as-needed basis to deliver training and advice on topics specific to each project.

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