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Community needs assessment is a critical starting point for community health improvement.  We help organizations develop community needs assessments that are strategically focused and designed to support action.  We can help your organization or collaborative:

  • Focus assessment objectives
  • Design assessment methods
  • Develop community health indicators
  • Learn from community insights
  • Inventory community assets
  • Produce assessment reports, data portals and visualizations
  • Educate stakeholders about assessment results.
Community initiatives should be strategically designed to address defined needs using collaborative approaches that are informed by evidence and structured for collective impact.  We can help your organization or collaborative:

  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Facilitate strategic discussions
  • Conduct strategic analytics
  • Research promising practices
  • Define project goals and objectives
  • Design action strategies
  • Design evaluation plans.
Community initiatives require new and enhanced capabilities as organizations work together to improve services and achieve their intended outcomes.  We help community organizations learn and innovate as they develop their capabilities in policy, programming, practice.  We can help your organization or collaborative:

  • Create collaborative agreements
  • Identify, learn and implement promising practices
  • Develop necessary tools, systems, and processes
  • Develop data and analytics for program management and evaluation.
Most community initiatives require ongoing learning and refinement as stakeholders respond to unexpected developments in implementation.   We support community initiatives throughout the execution phase by providing ongoing performance supports.  Examples include assistance with:

  • Ongoing performance monitoring
  • Ongoing refinement of performance supports
  • Capturing and spreading knowledge and lessons learned
  • Problem solving and program improvement.
Evaluation is a requirement for many community initiatives that involve foundations, hospitals, health systems, public health agencies, and public grant dollars.   Required or not, evaluation is essential for program improvement and demonstrating value.  We provide assistance for:

  • Evaluation design
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Evaluation reporting
  • Implementing program improvements in response to evaluation results.


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