Health care purchasers are moving toward value-driven systems of service delivery and payment, as evidenced by current strategies of Medicaid, Medicare, health plans, and employers.  Generally speaking, purchasers are challenging providers to advance the ‘triple aim‘ of better health, better care, and lower per capita costs.  The emerging framework for meeting this challenge is population health management focused on clinical excellence and community health improvement.  The challenge is to prove this value with data, and communicate it with clarity.

Scan the resources below for evidence and insight on the trend toward value-driven health care.

The Triple Aim Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim Framework
Medicaid Strategies 2014 Managed Care Annual ReportNCQA Medicaid Managed Care Toolkit

Virginia Medicaid Innovation and Reform Strategy

CMS Medicaid Innovation Strategy

Commonwealth Coordinated Care

DMAS Behavioral Health Services Page

Medicare Strategies CMS Medicare Innovation Strategy Medicare ACO Quality Metrics
Health Plan Strategies Anthem Program Description for Patient Centered Primary Care Programs
Employer Strategies The Patient Centered Primary Care CollaborativePatient Centered Medical Home Metrics for Employers

Catalyst for Payment Reform

Responsive Models A Population Health Guide for Primary Care Models (2012)The Chronic Care Model

The Patient Centered Medical Home 

Integrated Behavioral Health

Integrated Oral Health

The Medical Neighborhood

The Community-Centered Health Home

Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Communities

Managing Populations, Maximizing Technology

Meaningul Use / EHR 

Increasing EHR Use for Quality Improvement in Community Health Centers: The Role of Networks (2011)

The Advance Network: Acclerating Data Value Across a National Community Health Center Network (2014)

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