We help community health centers and primary care practices streamline PCMH development.

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a model of care that is intended to optimize the patient experience within and beyond the primary care setting.  The PCMH model is typically viewed as a cornerstone of population health management.  In this context, the PCMH can be a vital hub within a broader ‘medical neighborhood’ that emphasizes access, quality, continuity, and care coordination.  Today the PCMH model is one of the most widely adopted and highly studied care models in the health landscape.

Community Health Solutions has substantial experience and an extensive toolkit for helping primary care practices accelerate the process for obtaining or sustaining PCMH recognition.

  • For practices seeking to achieve or sustain NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition, we have specially trained staff who are Certified PCMH Content Experts. We also offer a comprehensive toolkit designed to streamline the capacity building process.
  • The toolkit includes efficient checklists for achieving or sustaining recognition, which are customized to the status of each organization we work with, as well as documentation examples, tips and tricks, and tracking tools for the process of PCMH development.
  • The toolkit is backed with technical assistance and strategy support from our experienced team, with the purpose of saving your organization time and effort in PCMH development.

PCMH is more than a process or a structure.  It is a strategic approach for putting patients first while defining and differentiating the value of your organization within your particular market. We help primary care practices:

  • Analyze the strategic case for obtaining or sustaining PCMH recognition
  • Assess current capabilities and define objectives for PCMH recognition
  • Design strategies for building or sustaining PCMH capabilities
  • Build organizational capacity for implementing the PCMH model
  • Prepare for the process of applying for PCMH recognition
  • Evaluate the impact of PCMH and identify strategies for sustaining the PCMH model.

Much of our work in PCMH development is accomplished through Action Learning Collaboratives, in which we help multiple organizations achieve their goals. This option can be especially helpful for associations and foundations that support capacity building for groups of organizations. By working together rather than individually, primary care practices can accelerate PCMH development at a highly efficient cost per organization. To illustrate, here is an example of a recent PCMH Development Collaborative produced for a statewide primary care association.

  • Sponsor. A statewide primary care association with federal grant support.
  • Focus. Helping community health centers develop capacity for patient centered medical home (PCMH) recognition.
  • Participants.  PCMH development teams from 20+ community health centers.
  • Collaborative Learning Sessions. Onsite group learning sessions and topical webinars focused on building specific PCMH capabilities.
  • Supported Action Periods. Participating teams work together to build and document PCMH capabilities during action periods between meetings.  Action period supports include webinars, coaching, data, tools, training, technical assistance, and a shared online resource center.
  • Capstone Event. Participating teams apply for or sustain PCMH recognition with NCQA or the Joint Commission.
  • Positive Impact. Thousands of patients benefit from receiving care in a robust medical home, and organizations benefit from team learning and development.
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