At CHS we use a proven support model that we have refined over two decades, and applied to help hundreds of organizations accomplish their goals.  We use this support model as a starting point, and tailor it to meet the needs of each client and project.

Our support model is represented in the ‘strategy wheel’ illustrated in the graphic.  Whether we are trying to build a stronger organization, create a healthier community, or equip people for excellence through an action learning program, the model provides a set of prompts for assuring that we consider all of the factors that drive success.  This means:

  1. Engaging key stakeholders
  2. Assessing needs and possibilities
  3. Designing responsive strategies
  4. Developing capacity
  5. Executing for results
  6. Evaluating impact
  7. Demonstrating value to key stakeholders

These seven elements can be tailored in different ways to match the setting and the nature of the project. In our experience, the model prompts a focus on the key factors that can affect project success, and speeds the process of project design and execution.

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