Assuring value is a top priority for employers that invest in health supports for their employees and their family members.  These supports represent significant investments, and employers are increasingly focused on assuring that their investments are returning real value to their employees and the organization.

At Community Health Solutions we do not sell or endorse specific employer health solutions for wellness, health care, software, etc.  Our job is to help employers assure the value of their investments in employee health regardless of who the vendor(s) may be.  We provide research, consulting, and learning supports to help employers assure that their health programs are:

  • Responsive to employee needs and interests;
  • Designed based on best practices in employee health programming; and
  • Evaluated using practical and meaningful indicators of access, quality, utilization, cost, and value.

We also help employers assure that employers and informed about the full range of community resources that may be available to them.  Most communities have helpful resources for health and family support that are available at low or no cost to community members.

Please contact us to learn more about assuring the value of your workplace health program.

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