Financial data and eyeglasses

Quality improvement has always been important in health care, but QI takes on new meaning in an environment of population health management.   Today’s purchasers are highly focused on quality, outcomes, and cost measures as they relate to their sponsored populations.  Evidence of this trend can be seen in the expanding array of pay-for-performance models and reporting requirements for patient-centered medical home recognition and other types of credentialing programs.   The challenge for health care organizations is to develop a measurement program that has authentic clinical value to the organization while also meeting the requirements of external funders and oversight agencies.

Community Health Solutions helps health care organizations:

  • Define strategic objectives for quality and performance measurement based on internal objectives and external requirements of payers, NCQA, and other external stakeholders.
  • Design a portfolio of quality and performance measures that is streamlined, action-oriented, and valuable to the organization;
  • Build organizational capacity for measurement including organizational learning, process changes, and data capacity; and
  • Assure execution of the measurement program including data development, analytics, reporting, review, and action.

We  use the power of Action Learning to help clinical organizations assess needs, design strategies, build capacity, optimize performance, and demonstrate value.  Please click here to learn more our Action Learning supports.  You can also contact us for a no-obligation discussion of how we can help your organization achieve its goals.

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