Community organizations need community data to inform strategic planning, program management, program evaluation, and resource development.  Ideally such data should be available in a flexible format that is responsive to the varying needs of diverse organizations.  Community Health Solutions provides support for conventional reporting of community health needs assessments (CHNAs), as well as more interactive reporting through community data portals.

CHNA Reports

Community Health Solutions has produced dozens of CHNA reports that have been shared with community stakeholders to support action planning.  Our CHNA reports typically include a combination of quantitative community indicators, qualitative community insights, and analysis of community health assets.  Although we have extensive capabilities for developing both quantitative and qualitative data, we are also happy to utilize data that may already be available from existing community studies and dashboards.  Whether the analytics are produced by us or other sources, we combine the results into a streamlined report that presents the results in in a series of tables and maps with appropriate narrative.

Community Data Portals

Community Health Solutions has also been an innovator in developing and delivering community data products via web-based community data portals. We have developed public portals such as the Virginia Atlas of Community Health, and the Virginia Scorecard, as well as private portals that are restricted to specific audiences.

All of our data portals include online delivery of data, and some include special features such as interactive mapping or dashboarding. We encourage hospitals, health systems, health philanthropies, and public agencies to consider the possibilities for serving their internal and external constituents through an online data portal.

Click on a screenshot below to view the Virginia Atlas of Community Health or the Virginia Scorecard.


Click to view the Virginia Strategic Scorecard


Click to view the Virginia Atlas of Community Health


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