Telling your Value Story

We created the CHC Value Model to help community health centers define and communicate their ‘value story’ to key stakeholders.  Think of your value story as the set of messages that are most likely to motivate your audiences to value and support your organization. We offer a menu of supports to help you define and demonstrate the distinctive value of your CHC.

Community Health Centers as Value Leaders

hometherapy-155908454America’s Community Health Centers (CHCs) deliver tremendous value to the communities they serve.  Today it is critically important to define and communicate this value to CHC stakeholders including consumers, service partners, health plans, employers, foundations, and public officials.  Community Health Solutions is proud to provide strategy and practice supports to help CHCs achieve their goals.  One product of this work is the CHC Value Model.

The CHC Value Model

The CHC Value Model is a strategic model for defining and communicating the value of CHCs.  The purpose of the CHC Value Model is to define and communicate the value CHCs deliver so that key audiences will be persuaded support the important work of community health centers. The CHC Value Model can be applied for individual CHCs or for multiple CHCs as a group. The end product for your organization will be a strategy and a product for defining and communicating the value your organization delivers to one or more key audiences whose support you need to sustain your work and achieve your mission. This process of defining and communicating value can be used repeatedly to advance the strategic objectives of your organization.

The Core Messages of the CHC Value Model

The CHC Value Model is based on seven core messages that can be defined and communicated individually or in combination. The messages communicate that CHCs deliver value by:

  • Addressing Local Health Needs;
  • Providing Access to Vital Services;
  • Keeping Patients and Families First;
  • Delivering High Quality Health Care;
  • Controlling Health Care Costs;
  • Supporting Community and Economic Development; and
  • Innovating for Excellence.

These core messages are the product of extensive research on the value of community health centers nationally, as well as the insights and idea of the Project Value pilot participants. These messages are offered as a starting point for defining and communicating the value delivered by your organization.

Steps for Applying the CHC Value Model

Organizations can apply the CHC Value Model by following a five-step process as outlined below. Your audiences may include staff, board, service partners, health plans, funders, local media, and public representatives.   Your objectives, your value story, your value indicators, and your value products will be customized to reflect the particular interests and circumstances of each audience.

  • 1. Define Your Audience
  • 2. Define Your Objectives
  • 3. Define Your Value Story
  • 4. Define and Produce Your Key Value Indicators
  • 5. Produce and Deliver Your Value Reporting Products

Supports for Applying the CHC Value Model

Community Health Solutions provides a complete menu of supports for applying the CHC Value Model. Our supports include:

  • Access to the CHC Value Model Quick Guide and Toolkit
  • Advisory support for defining your value strategy
  • Technical support for developing your value model data
  • Research and analytic support for producing the following profiles:
    • Community health profile
    • Health service profile
    • Patient profile
    • Quality metrics
    • Economic impact metrics
    • Key innovations
    • Other indicators and metrics relevant to your value story.

Next Step: Contact Us

We support application of the CHC Value Model, for individual CHCs as well as collaboratives and associations.  To learn more, contact Community Health Solutions for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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