Being Strategic about CHNA

At Community Health Solutions we believe that when it comes to community health needs assessment (CHNA), strategy is everything.  Community data and web-based dashboards can get you started, but if you don’t have the right strategic approach for engaging your community in collaborative action, important opportunities for impact can be lost, and the investment in [...]

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Learning to Be Great

  "If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near." -- Jack Welch With this insight, Jack Welch defines an important strategic challenge for every organization operating today.  The pace of change is fast and accelerating. If we do not enable our people to [...]

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The Population Health Imperative

We need better health at lower cost.  Many of our health outcomes are not what they should be, and we have widespread disparities in health status.  Our health care costs are increasingly unaffordable, and individuals, employers, and government agencies are struggling to afford the cost of care.  And in the coming years, the age wave [...]

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Community Collaboration for Population Health Improvement

We can define population health improvement as the practice of optimizing health and health care relative to cost for defined populations.  For populations with multiple needs, the array of health supports may include health promotion services, prevention services, a wide range of clinical health care services, and a diverse array of enabling services such as education, social [...]

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How Community-based Funders Can Transform U.S. Health Care

In 2012, FSG in association with Grantmakers in Health published an important report titled Better Outcomes, Lower Costs: How Community-Based Funders Can Transform U.S. Health Care.   The report includes an in-depth conversation with Dr. Atul Gwande,  author of The Checklist Manifesto and widely cited expert on health innovation. In this conversation Dr. Gwande makes [...]

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Safety Net Providers as Innovation Leaders

We are in the midst of a national push for innovation to achieve the triple aim of better health, better health care, and lower per capita costs.  We can see positive results in many remarkable improvements being implemented by large health plans and health systems across the country.   We can also see promising innovation in experiments with payment systems [...]

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Managing Population Health: The Role of the Hospital

As population health receives more attention as a core concept for health reform, hospitals are innovating to develop their capabilities for population health management.   This development is concisely captured in Managing Population Health: The Role of the Hospital, a recent (2012) report from the Health Research & Educational Trust. Defining Population Health. The report opens with [...]

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