• Associations of health and human service providers play a vital role in facilitating learning and improvement for their members.
  • Over the past 20 years CHS has helped to design and deliver dozens of learning programs for associations of hospitals, health systems, community health centers, behavioral health organizations, public health agencies, and more.
  • We use a proven support model to help associations build high-impact learning programs for their members.
  • We invite you to scan our support menu below, and also download our one-page service summary.

Download our Quick Guide to Association Learning Programs

The first step in developing an association learning programs is to systematically assess member learning needs. CHS can help you:

  • Define the learning focus
  • Query members about learning needs and interests
  • Translate assessment results into practical objectives for association learning programs

The second step is to design a learning program that is responsive, efficient, effective, and timely. At CHS we use a blended learning framework to streamline the learning process for association members. We can help you:

  • Design a tailored mix of group learning, peer learning, self-directed learning, and applied learning to accomplish defined objectives.
  • Identify efficient strategies to deliver learning supports such as web-based resources, webinars, virtual workshops, and individualized coaching.
  • Identify subject matter experts who can bring value to the learning program.

The third steps is to develop practical learning supports to implement the program. CHS can help you:

  • Create or curate learning materials such as tools, training modules, and practice guides.
  • Engage subject matter experts to support selected learning modules.
  • Develop a web-based learning portal to house information and content for the program.
  • Plan virtual learning events that are interactive and supportive of peer learning.
  • Assure the association captures all learning content for future use

With the learning program designed and ready to go, the fourth step is to implement the program in ways that encourage engagement, learning, and action. CHS can help you:

  • Deliver online learning resources.
  • Manage group learning sessions.
  • Facilitate peer learning opportunities.
  • Coordinate with external subject matter experts.
  • Provide coaching and technical assistance to help participants master and apply what they are learning.
  • Adjust elements of the learning program as needed in response to feedback from participants.

Demonstrating impact is essential for association learning programs. CHS can help you:

  • Identify strategic objectives for evaluation
  • Design an evaluation workplan
  • Develop data collection methods and tools
  • Collect and analyze evaluation data
  • Develop evaluation reports for specific audiences.

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