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  • Today’s nonprofits are experiencing dynamic change that requires continuous innovation to accomplish the mission and sustain the organization.
  • Design thinking is an efficient and effective strategy for engaging people in collaborative innovation.
  • Design thinking can be applied by teams within organizations to improve the quality of products, processes, services, and public policies.
  • Design thinking can be applied across organizations to improve community collaboration and spark system change.
  • Learn more about our approach below, and contact us to learn more about CHS supports for design thinking.

At CHS we apply a proven model to facilitate design thinking for organizations and communities. The model can be applied to create or improve virtually any type of product, process, service, or policy.  This work is accomplished by a team of key stakeholders who work together to optimize design.  CHS can help accelerate this work by facilitating a six-step design process.

  1. Empathize. Understand how users experience the system.
  2. Define. Clarify and specify the system problems to be solved.
  3. Ideate. Generate ideas about system changes that could solve problems for users.
  4. Prototype. Describe one or more prototype solutions in simple formats for rapid review and refinement.
  5. Test. Test and refine prototype solution(s) with system stakeholders.
  6. Implement. Support implementation of viable solutions for system change.