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  • At CHS we help nonprofit organizations build capacity for excellence in pursuit of their mission.
  • Here we define capacity as the people, strategies, structures, functions, and partnerships a nonprofit organization needs to accomplish its mission and demonstrate effective management.
  • We use a proven support model to help nonprofit organization assess needs, design strategies, develop capacity, execute for results, and demonstrate community impact.
  • Learn more about our supports below, and contact us to discuss the possibilities.

A logical first step is to assess existing capacity to accomplish the mission in the current and emerging environment.  We can help you:

  1. Scan the strategic environment
  2. Assess internal capabilities
  3. Identify strategic opportunities and threats
  4. Consider strategic readiness under various future scenarios
  5. Decide priorities for improving strategic readiness.

The next step is to define goals and strategies for the organization based on the assessment of strategic readiness. CHS can help you:

  1. Clarify the mission of the organization
  2. Define the customers to be served by the organization
  3. Develop a clear value proposition for key customer segments
  4. Define performance goals for the organization
  5. Create a plan for building capacity, achieving performance goals, and creating community impact.

Effective strategy requires the right kind of capacity to support execution. CHS can help you:

  1. Identify specific priorities for strategic capacity building
  2. Develop team knowledge and skills through focused learning supports
  3. Develop internal policies, processes, and systems to support execution
  4. Develop collaborative strategies with community partners
  5. Develop strategic funding relationships.

Once the strategy is defined, execution is everything. CHS can help you:

  1. Assure that staff are equipped for execution
  2. Assure that key resources are becoming available
  3. Assure that key strategies are being executed
  4. Assess whether key outputs, outcomes and impacts are being achieved
  5. Make strategic adjustments based on feedback and evaluation.

In today’s funding environment it is essential to demonstrate effective management and community impact in order to sustain the organization.  CHS can help you:

  1. Identify key audiences for performance reporting
  2. Define key indicators of effective management
  3. Define key indicators of positive community impact delivered by the organization
  4. Develop systematic methods and tools for producing key indicators
  5. Develop reports that are strategically designed to demonstrate value to key audiences.