PhotosToGoUnlimited-904270Schools are an important health asset for the students they serve, not only as providers of health and physical education programs, but also as providers of food services, health services, counseling services, school-community linkages, and a supportive culture of health.  At Community Health Solutions we help schools and school districts:

  • Assess school health needs
  • Identify best practices in school-based health promotion
  • Design school health improvement strategies
  • Engage school staff in health improvement efforts
  • Support implementation through training and technical assistance
  • Evaluate and continuously improve school health initiatives
  • Develop funding proposals for school health initiatives.

Community Health Solutions is also the creator of the 95210 for Health message and tools which are used in multiple school systems and public health agencies.  We make these resources available for public use at no charge as part of our community service commitment.

Please contact us to learn more about our supports for school health programs.

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