We are a team of professionals with a community mission and a collaborative vision.

  • At Community Health Solutions (CHS) we help organizations elevate performance and demonstrate impact.
  • We work across sectors with associations, foundations, nonprofits, public agencies, and business organizations.
  • We focus in the areas of health, education, human services, and community development.
  • We provide research, consulting and learning support to help organizations assess needs, design strategies, develop capacity, execute for results, and demonstrate impact.
  • We specialize in supporting collaborative projects that may be sponsored by associations, foundations, or public agencies.

Our guiding vision is people and organizations working together to create healthier communities.

  • We believe that community matters for health and human development.
  • We view healthy communities as places where everyone has real opportunity for health, education, and prosperity.
  • We believe every organization can create a positive impact for the people they serve, and in so doing, help to create a healthier community.
  • We believe communities can elevate impact by fostering collaboration for collective impact within and across sectors.

At CHS we bring insights and lessons learned from 20 years of firm experience to every engagement.

  • Since 1998 we have helped hundreds of organizations with various aspects of community needs assessment, strategy design, capacity building, strategy execution, and evaluation. Much of this work has been accomplished through collaborative projects sponsored by associations, foundations, or public agencies.
  • We have also provided analysis and advice to help federal and state officials make informed decisions about program and policy development.  This perspective allows us to help our clients develop next-level strategies that anticipate and align with changes in public policies and programs, as well as changes in the broader operating environment.
  • One reality that has not changed since we started is that community matters.  Whatever happens in public policy or in the marketplace, health and human development depends on how people and organizations work together at the community level.
  • A second reality is that every organization can have a positive impact on community health.  Leveraging this dynamic is the key to creating healthier communities.

Our core team as profiled below brings extensive experience and commitment to every project.  We also partner with an extended team of associates to create the right team for each engagement.

Stephen HoranStephen Horan, PhD is the founding President and CEO of Community Health Solutions, bringing more than 25 years of professional experience to each client and project. Under Steve’s leadership Community Health Solutions has helped hundreds of organizations achieve better results through effective strategy and practice. Individually, Steve has been an advisor to consumer groups, nonprofit organizations, corporations, foundations, and public sector leaders. This broad perspective informs

Terry02.8.2016Terry Laine, MS, PCMH CCE is the Operations Manager and a Senior Consultant at Community Health Solutions.  Terry brings more than 25 years of professional experience to CHS projects. Terry offers distinctive expertise in the areas of quality improvement, integrated care development; patient centered medical home development, knowledge management, innovation support, collaboration support, and leadership development.  Terry completed IHI’s Breakthrough Series College, and is a NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert (PCMH CCE). She holds a Master of Science Degree from James Madison University.

Caitlin headshotCaitlin Feller, MPP, PCMH CCE is a Senior Manager at Community Health Solutions. In this capacity Caitlin leads a range of projects focused on helping organizations optimize strategy, streamline operations, and demonstrate value.  Caitlin offers distinctive expertise strategy design, care model design, quality improvement, program evaluation, and economic impact analysis.  Caitlin is a NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert (PCMH CCE), and she received both her B.A. in Economics and her Master of Public Policy (MPP) degrees from the University of Virginia.

Sherrina GibsonSherrina Gibson is a Manager at Community Health Solutions.  In this capacity Sherrina leads and supports projects focused on community needs assessment and community strategy development for health and human service organizations. Sherrina offers more than ten years of experience and distinctive expertise in data development, strategic analytics, strategy design, and program evaluation. Sherrina is certified as a NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert (PCMH CCE), and holds an B.A. in Sociology.

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