Creating community impact is essential for sustaining and growing the work of a nonprofit or public sector organization. We help organizations elevate and demonstrate their impact through creative community strategies.

Community impact requires an understanding of the needs of the population or community the organization aims to serve.  CHS can help community partners:

  • Define the focus population or region for the assessment
  • Develop quantitative indicators of population health and well-being
  • Generate qualitative insights about needs, service gaps, community assets, and opportunities for improvement
  • Share results in efficient reports and visualizations
  • Use results to inform strategy design.

We have extensive experience in helping hospitals and health systems conduct community health needs assessments and related activities in response to IRS requirements.  Contact us to learn more. 

Effective community strategies are required for the organization to create positive impact.  CHS can help:

  • Define the strategic focus for a community initiative (vision, mission, goals)
  • Identify key stakeholders for the initiative (participants, partners, funders, others)
  • Define the value proposition for each stakeholder group
  • Specify the intended results, including indicators of positive impact
  • Develop action plans for implementation.

Community strategies will fall short if the community partners lack the necessary capacity for execution.  CHS can help community partners:

  • Define roles and responsibilities for the community initiative
  • Optimize policies, systems, and structures for implementation
  • Support team learning and development for implementation
  • Develop key performance indicators and evaluation plans
  • Define processes for assuring efficient communication and coordination for implementation.

Effective community strategy requires focused execution aimed at optimizing results.  CHS can help community partners:

  • Monitor performance and assure quality of the initiative
  • Solve execution challenges that arise during implementation
  • Innovate to optimize the initiative based on community learning and feedback
  • Demonstrate effective management through key performance indicators.

Demonstrating community impact is essential for sustaining the initiative.  CHS can help community partners:

  • Design efficient evaluations
  • Build internal capabilities for evaluation
  • Meet evaluation requirements of funders
  • Use evaluation to inform strategic learning and improvement
  • Demonstrate community impact to key stakeholders.

Community needs can vary remarkably across neighborhoods that lie within or across city and county lines.  CHS applies community mapping tools to help organizations understand geographic variations in community needs, community assets, and access to services and supports. The results can be used to inform site location, program planning, strategic planning, and resource development.

Most nonprofit hospitals are required by IRS regulation to conduct community health needs assessments (CHNA) and develop community health improvement plans.  Visionary organizations are leveraging their CHNA work into an overall organizational strategy for community impact.  At CHS we have helped dozens of hospitals conduct CHNAs and associated activities.  We can help your organization:

  • Define the scope of the CHNA study
  • Analyze community indicators of health and well-being
  • Generate community insight about needs, assets, and opportunities for improvement
  • Map community assets and variations in health opportunity
  • Document results in a CHNA study report
  • Develop community health improvement plans in partnership with other community stakeholders
  • Evaluate existing health improvement initiatives
  • Develop internal capacity for optimizing production and utilization of CHNA results
  • Develop creative strategies for sharing results with community stakeholders.

A Community Collaborative can be a powerful strategy for leveraging community impact.

  • Few if any community challenges can be adequately addressed by any organization working alone.
  • A Community Collaborative can bring multiple partners together to build assess needs, design strategies, develop capacity, execute for results, and demonstrate impact.
  • CHS can help local partners create a community collaborate that is efficiently designed to and transparently managed so that the community benefits and participating organizations are able to deliver and gain positive value.
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