• We provide consulting and learning support to help our clients assess needs, design strategies, develop capacity, execute for results, and demonstrate impact.
  • We tailor these supports to help our clients address immediate needs while building a sustainable capacity for excellence.
  • We deliver these supports for single organizations and through Action Learning Collaboratives where multiple organizations work together to learn and implement effective practices.
  • Learn more about how we deliver these supports below.

Positive impact begins with an understanding of the needs of the population or community the organization aims to serve.  CHS can help your organization:

  • Define the focus population for the organization or intiiative
  • Develop quantitative indicators of population needs and capabilities
  • Generate qualitative insights about needs, service gaps, available assets, and opportunities for improvement
  • Share results in efficient reports and visualizations
  • Use results to inform strategy design.

Positive impact strategies can be designed for the organization as a whole, or for a particular program or service line.  CHS can help your organization:

  • Define the mission or purpose of the organization, program, or service line
  • Define the primary customers, or people whose lives will be changed through your work
  • Define the supporting customers, such as service partners, funders, and other key stakeholders
  • Create a compelling value proposition for primary and supporting customers
  • Specify the intended results, including indicators of positive impact
  • Design the goals and action strategies that will be implemented to create positive impact.

Excellent strategies will fall short if the organization does not have the necessary capacity for strategy execution.  CHS can provide training and technical assistance to help your organization develop capacity for positive impact. We can help you:

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Optimize policies, systems, and structures
  • Support team learning and development
  • Facilitate innovation and problem solving
  • Use feedback to refine and improve execution.

Once the strategy is defined, execution is everything.  We can help you:

  • Assure quality
  • Monitor performance
  • Solve execution challenges
  • Optimize workflows and teamwork
  • Innovate and optimize based on team learning and feedback.

Demonstrating positive impact is essential for sustaining and growing programs and services.  We can help you:

  • Meet evaluation requirements of funders
  • Use evaluation to inform strategic learning and improvement
  • Demonstrate positive impact to key stakeholders
  • Demonstrate effective management through key performance indicators.
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