At CHS we offer a proven set of supports and tools help our clients elevate their people, performance, and community impact. We also encourage our clients to leverage the power of action learning and collaboration to build capacity, solve challenges, and elevate impact.

We provide research, analysis, strategy guidance, and learning support to help organizations:

  • Assess needs, assets, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Design strategies for meeting defined objectives, including collaborative strategies.
  • Develop capacity for strategy execution.
  • Execute for results, making adjustments to optimize performance.
  • Demonstrate impact through strategic evaluation and improvement.

This is a flexible model that can be applied as a whole or in parts based on the setting and the focus of the project.

Over 20 years we have developed and tested dozens of tools that we can apply to generate insights and solve challenges. We draw from this toolkit to develop tailored supports for community strategy and organizational strategy.

  • Community Strategy
    • Community health needs assessment
    • Community mapping
    • Community location analysis
    • Community data analysis
    • Community surveys
    • Community interviews
    • Community insight analysis (qualitative)
    • Community meeting facilitation
    • Community strategy design
    • Community collaboration portals
    • Community program design
    • Community program evaluation
    • Community impact analysis
    • Public policy analysis
  • Organizational Strategy
    • Strategic planning
    • Quality improvement methods
    • Patient centered medical home
    • Chronic care improvement
    • Integrated oral health and primary care
    • Integrated behavioral health and primary care
    • Clinical-community connections
    • Design thinking methods
    • Action learning methods

Action learning is a strategic approach to organizational development in which teams of people engage in focused learning and action to address real-world challenges or opportunities in their professional setting. Action learning is:

  • Team-based so that people can learn from each other and build teamwork skills.
  • Focused on real-world challenges or opportunities so that learning and action are directly relevant to participants and the organization.
  • Efficient so that participants can engage in learning and action without spending too much time away from daily work.
  • Effective in that participants and the organization benefit from positive learning and action.

Explore the Elevate People page to learn more about the possibilities for action learning.

We facilitate collaboration by designing and support action learning collaboratives that bring people together for focused learning and action.

  • Community Collaboratives. At the community level, few if any community challenges can be adequately addressed by any organization working alone. An action learning collaborative can bring community organizations together to build capacity, address issues of common interest, and explore new opportunities for innovation and partnership.
  • Association Collaboratives. At the association level, member organizations can accelerate learning and improvement by working together to build core skills and spread promising practices. An action learning collaborative can bring association members together to accelerate organizational learning and improvement.
  • Producing a Collaborative. Whatever the setting, the steps for producing a collaborative are essentially the same as shown in the graphic At CHS we routinely apply these steps to produce action learning collaboratives for a variety of purposes.

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