We help organizations secure their future by defining and demonstrating their value.

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In today’s uncertain funding environment, every mission-driven organization needs a value strategy to secure its future.  A value strategy can be defined as a strategic effort to sustain or grow an organization or program based on value delivered to specific customers.   We help our organizations develop and execute value strategies based on their particular mission, customers, goals, and operating environment.  We deliver these supports through individual consults and collaborative initiatives of associations, foundations, and grant-funded projects.  Our proven framework for developing a value strategy is outlined below.

An effective value strategy begins with a strategic assessment of the organization or program.  We help organizations:

  1. Assess current operations
  2. Identify and anticipate new developments in the field
  3. Identify external opportunities and threats
  4. Assess internal strengths and weaknesses
  5. Identify possibilities for sustainability and growth.

Having assessed the situation, the next step is to define goals and strategies for the organization.  We help organizations:

  1. Clarify their mission
  2. Define their customers
  3. Develop value aims for specific customer segments
  4. Define strategic goals for sustainability and growth
  5. Design strategies for achieving strategic goals.

Effective strategy requires the right kind of capacity to support execution.  We help organizations:

  1. Identify capacity assets and gaps
  2. Develop team knowledge and skills
  3. Develop key service partnerships
  4. Develop key funding partnerships
  5. Develop key policies, processes, and systems to support execution.

Execution is everything.  We help organizations:

  1. Engage key stakeholders in execution
  2. Assure that key resources and supports are provided for execution
  3. Assure that key activities and outputs are achieved
  4. Assure that key outcomes and impacts are achieved
  5. Make adjustments in execution based on feedback from the field.

Evaluation can be critical for assuring execution and demonstrating value to partners and funders.  We help organizations:

  1. Develop evaluation plans
  2. Define key performance indicators
  3. Design data collection methods and tools
  4. Design data analysis methods and tools
  5. Use evaluation data to strategically guide organizational action.

For community programs and organizations, one key to sustainability is to define and communicate value in ways that matter to key stakeholders. By applying a systematic Community Value Analysis, a program or organization can define its value for key partners and funders, and use the results to drive improvement and make the case for funding.  We offer training and technical assistance to help organizations conduct Community Value Analysis using a five-step process:

  • Define Your Audience
  • Understand Audience Expectations
  • Define Your Value Story
  • Define and Produce Your Key Value Indicators
  • Produce and Deliver Your Value Reporting Products

 Contact us to learn more about Community Value Analysis for your organization.

CHS offers the option of collaborative training and technical assistance for organizational value strategy.  Under this approach, multiple organizations share supports to develop their organizational value strategies.  This work may be sponsored by associations, foundations, or the participants themselves.  As a ‘backbone’ support organization, we can:

  1. Assist with overall strategic design of the collaborative project
  2. Design and facilitate collaborative meetings
  3. Design program-specific learning objectives, content, and instructional plans
  4. Design and manage online support resources for collaborative members
  5. Provide or facilitate a wide range of training and technical assistance supports for collaborative members
  6. Help foster peer learning and problem solving among collaborative members
  7. Help design and facilitate program evaluation activities.
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