Community health improvement requires focused effort by multiple sectors, and it helps to have an organizing model.  Community Health Solutions developed the Community Health Impact Model™ as a comprehensive and flexible framework for designing community health improvement strategies.  It can be used by a single organization or by multiple community stakeholders to design initiatives that address community needs in a collaborative context.

CHIM2The Community Health Impact Model is based on a core principle that community health improvement works best when multiple sectors collaborate for collective impact on individual and community health.  The model begins with community health needs assessment and selection of objectives for creating a healthy community.  Community health initiatives may be developed to address various dimensions of environmental and social factors, health promotion and prevention, and clinical care.  All initiatives are evaluated for their impact on individual and community health.

Community Health Solutions provides a full menu of supports to help organizations and communities apply the Community Health Impact Model.  We help our clients assess needs, define improvement targets, design strategies, build capacity, execute for results, and demonstrate value to partners and funders.

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