People are the key to elevating performance and community impact.  Consequently, developing people is fundamental for accomplishing the mission and sustaining the organization.  We help organizations develop people by applying an efficient and effective strategy called action learning.

Action learning is a strategic approach to organizational development in which teams of people engage in focused learning and action to address real-world challenges or opportunities in their professional setting. Action learning is:

  • Team-based so that people can learn from each other and build teamwork skills.
  • Focused on real-world challenges or opportunities so that learning and action are directly relevant to participants and the organization.
  • Efficient so that participants can engage in learning and action without spending too much time away from daily work.
  • Effective in that participants and the organization benefit from positive learning and action.

Explore the Elevate People page to learn more about the possibilities for action learning.

Action Learning Programs are designed to help organizations develop people and address specific challenges.

  • An Action Learning Program can be designed to address any organizational aim, from core skill development (e.g. leadership, management, teamwork) to applied action (e.g. quality improvement, service model innovation, executing strategic aims).
  • An Action Learning Program may include elements of group training, peer learning, and individual learning, all aligned to accomplish aims that are important for the organization and the people it serves.
  • CHS can help you design and deliver an Action Learning Program that is tailored to work in your particular environment. We can help you:
    • Assess learner needs
    • Design an action learning program to meet defined objectives
    • Develop learning resources
    • Implement and optimize the program in response to feedback
    • Evaluate the impact of the program on learning and performance.
  • Contact us to learn more about creating an Action Learning Program for your organization.

Action Learning Collaboratives are designed to help people from multiple organizations work together to learn and apply key skills and strategies. Collaboratives are an efficient solution for Associations, Foundations, and other sponsoring organizations interested in supporting learn and action across multiple organizations.

  • Focus. The focus of an Action Learning Collaborative may include core skills such as leadership, management, teamwork, and communication, or applied skills such as quality improvement, program evaluation, or various types of community service models.
  • Duration. An Action Learning Collaborative can extend anywhere from three months to 12 months or longer depending on the scope of work.
  • Community Collaboratives. At the community level, few if any community challenges can be adequately addressed by any organization working alone. An action learning collaborative can bring community organizations together to build capacity, address issues of common interest, and explore new opportunities for innovation and partnership.
  • Association Collaboratives. At the association level, member organizations can accelerate learning and improvement by working together to build core skills and spread promising practices. An action learning collaborative can bring association members together to accelerate organizational learning and improvement.
  • Producing a Collaborative. Whatever the setting, the steps for producing a collaborative are essentially the same as shown in the graphic At CHS we routinely apply these steps to produce action learning collaboratives for a variety of purposes.

Elevation is a CHS learning community where people can learn professional skills for positive impact.

  • Elevation is a free, online learning community for professionals committed to creating high impact organizations.
  • Elevation is designed to help people learn at their own pace in short bursts of time.
  • The Elevation topics include vision, strategy, leadership, management, teamwork, commitment, and core skills for daily professional practice.
  • The Elevation content is curated from excellent sources and organized into a set of Learning Streams with brief articles, podcasts, and videos on key topics.
  • Click here to explore Elevation. 
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